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Will LANDR change the game in audio mastering?

Will LANDR change the game in audio mastering?

The short answer to this would be “maybe”.

Mastering is, and has always been, a key step (probably the most important one actually) in the music production chain.

What is mastering?

According to Wikipedia, mastering is “the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data storage device (the master)” – in other words, and in the digital age, it…

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Do you like Indie rock? Support Bee Tricks!

Do you like Indie rock? Support Bee Tricks!

We are very excited to launch our very first crowd-funding campaign for Bee Tricks, one of our artists!

If you like indie/garage rock, please check out their page on KissKissBankBank or use the below widget to pledge and get a cool reward:

About Bee Tricks:

Multiples courses from well-seasoned artists led to easy jam sessions but they didn’t take any of it seriously. Yet raw material from this…

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The Planetary Jam

The Planetary Jam

JTV Digtal Josh Urban invites his fellow humans along on tour, fellow musicians to collaborate, and the world to a music video shoot. 

A Planetary Jam Session

The idea:  Music builds common ground even among the most different of peoples.  So, let’s get the whole world jamming! The strategy:  Part 1. Make a music video with the planet, bringing everyone on an interactive tour. …

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Jane Badler releasing new single “Losing You”

Jane Badler releasing new single “Losing You”

Jane Badler is releasing her new single titled “Losing You”.
The single will be released as pre-order on 7th July by MeJane Records via JTV Digital

Losing You” is a dark 80s, cabaret-style, synth-pop release reminiscent of Hazel O’Connor or Toyah in their heyday. It’s expectedly quirky from a lady who spent much of her career breeding lizards on a mission to destroy the human race.

Losing You”…

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EsQuille And Jane Badler release ‘My Skin On Your Skin’, a new hit for clubs

EsQuille And Jane Badler release ‘My Skin On Your Skin’, a new hit for clubs

Swedish EDM / house producer EsQuille delivers a new stunning hit for the clubs ! 

EsQuille had huge success with tracks like ”I Take U Higher”, ”Heyo” and ”Rock This Club Down”.

On top of this pumpin’ club beat, we have magical vocals from Jane Badler – the legendary actress from sci fi TV series ”V” !

A winning combination for the world clubbers !

Download on iTunes:


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Jane Badler’s showcase at Le Réservoir was a success

Jane Badler’s showcase at Le Réservoir was a success

Jane Badler‘s showcase organized at Le Réservoir in Paris by DBTHJTV Digital and Jane’s manager Mick Rossi was a real success.

Great singer, great band and great performance!

There was even a short appearance of the boys from Duo Raw who electrified the audience.

Wonderful players on stage with Jane: Jeff Bova (Keyboards, Beats), Greg Bone (Guitar), Lily Gonzalez (Percussion), Jonathan Noyce(Ba…

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JTV Digital artists Wiyaala and Efya featured on BBC Global Beats

JTV Digital artists Wiyaala and Efya featured on BBC Global Beats

Seven up-and-coming Ghanaian musicians, including Efya and Wiyaala, perform songs especially for the BBC and talk about what inspires them in Ghana and beyond.

This is a great achievement for JTV Digital artists Efya, ‘queen of Afro pop’, and Wiyaala, ‘the young lioness of Africa’!

The programme is presented by Rita Ray, respected London DJ and authority on African music, who is originally from…

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Wide Vista Entertainment releases compilation EP ‘Meu Brasil 2014’

Wide Vista Entertainment releases compilation EP ‘Meu Brasil 2014′

MEU BRASIL 2014” is compilation EP featuring 4 tracks produced by Ennio Vertigo and Brazilian Artists, a preview of an upcoming Latin Electro album.

The first single “Aya Gaya Goyo” is a tribute to Africa, roots of Salvador Da Bahia, a fusion of electronic beats and Brazilian vocals.

Track listing:

01. AYA GAYA GOYO [Feat. Rodrigo De Oliveira]

02. FILHO MARAVILHA [Feat. Monica Nogueira]


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SUMMER TUNES 2014, Exclusive Summer Hits Compilation

SUMMER TUNES 2014, Exclusive Summer Hits Compilation

No matter what’s the weather like where you are at right now, the Summer is here, and it is infectious!

What you need to get maximum joy out of the most wonderful season of the year is the right soundtrack, and we’ve got your covered here.

Summer Tunes 2014 is the ultimate compilation of summer hits to load to your players and take with you everywhere. 

Compiled by JTV Digital and available on…

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