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Bee Tricks releasing “Kiss Me Now” featuring Brisa Roché

Bee Tricks releasing “Kiss Me Now” featuring Brisa Roché

Indie rock band Bee Tricks releasing new single “Kiss Me Now” with american singer-songwriter Brisa Roché.

The band performed at L’International in Paris on Sept 22:

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Will LANDR change the game in audio mastering?

Will LANDR change the game in audio mastering?

The short answer to this would be “maybe”.

Mastering is, and has always been, a key step (probably the most important one actually) in the music production chain.

What is mastering?

According to Wikipedia, mastering is “the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data storage device (the master)” – in other words, and in the digital age, it…

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Do you like Indie rock? Support Bee Tricks!

Do you like Indie rock? Support Bee Tricks!

We are very excited to launch our very first crowd-funding campaign for Bee Tricks, one of our artists!

If you like indie/garage rock, please check out their page on KissKissBankBank or use the below widget to pledge and get a cool reward:

About Bee Tricks:

Multiples courses from well-seasoned artists led to easy jam sessions but they didn’t take any of it seriously. Yet raw material from this…

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The Planetary Jam

The Planetary Jam

JTV Digtal Josh Urban invites his fellow humans along on tour, fellow musicians to collaborate, and the world to a music video shoot. 

A Planetary Jam Session

The idea:  Music builds common ground even among the most different of peoples.  So, let’s get the whole world jamming! The strategy:  Part 1. Make a music video with the planet, bringing everyone on an interactive tour. …

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Jane Badler releasing new single “Losing You”

Jane Badler releasing new single “Losing You”

Jane Badler is releasing her new single titled “Losing You”.
The single will be released as pre-order on 7th July by MeJane Records via JTV Digital

Losing You” is a dark 80s, cabaret-style, synth-pop release reminiscent of Hazel O’Connor or Toyah in their heyday. It’s expectedly quirky from a lady who spent much of her career breeding lizards on a mission to destroy the human race.

Losing You”…

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